The Best Travel Blogs

These travel sites are funny, informative, interesting, and just plain ol’ awesome. We’d recommend them anytime, not because we want these folks to love us (which of course we do) but because you’ll be glad you saw the best travel blogs, too.

Retro Roadmap
A wild romp through all things retro. Follow Mod Betty and the entire Mod Squad as they zig-zag across the country, discovery the best of Americana, Tiki-dom and Jetsonian architecture!
This blog is loaded with personal travel stories and self-deprecating humor, which we absolutely never tire of. It’s updated often and well. We especially salivate for “WTF Wednesday” and “Food Porn Friday.”
A family exuberantly covers their travels to the World’s Biggest fill-in-the-blank. They are excitable and tend to highlight weird gizmo/gadgets/things people build and they give us a rating scale for things they do.
Remote exotic location? Yes! I’m there! Digitally! Tim Leffel has a team of people he dispatches to remote exotic locales. The site is filled with info we would otherwise never get because we’re too scared of large insects to see these exotic locales in person.
Travel news you can use. Short, specific tips and audio clips. Who doesn’t need that, right? An excellent blog for the quick traveler on the lam.
The personal travelogue of an adventurous couple who visit world destinations and hone in on some funny or extreme aspects of their journey, touching on simple basics like the hardships of doing laundry. Humanism? Yes!
Travel stories from authors on the move. There’s tons of fun mash-up inspired articles mostly like “Doing X in Y” format such as “Dickens around in London.” Show everyone “Dickens around on Facebook” that you’re taking it to the next level.
“How To” and “All About” articles on a variety of European topics from riding trains in France to small town celebrations you can’t miss. You can even browse a World Map of Destinations to see stories by location.
This is practically travel porn, it’s that good. Your significant other will find this on your computer and be all like, “WHAT is this?” And you’ll be like, “I love you baby,” and you do, but hey…  Let your mouth water and behold.
Need some help? Who doesn’t? Sometimes we need help getting bird poop out of our hair. Anywhooo, Christopher Elliott gives excellent advice on a bevvy of useful travel topics. We refer to him, we defer to him, we respect him. Can’t get no better than that.
We are not people who eat bugs, and we’re 100% okay with that. This young lad throws Western cultural norms out the window. He would pick the bug bits out of his teeth and write about it for us lily-livered travelers, and we’re grateful for the vicarious experiences. Now could you come over here with a shoe? We need your help….
Lifestyle guru Tim Ferriss gives us the fast track path to those little secrets that add up to, well, a four hour work week. He speaks with experts and then presents quick interviews and videos. Cliffs Notes to the Nth degree, y’all!

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