Sucher & Sons: The Best Star Wars Store This Side of Tatooine

If you’re a diehard Star Wars fan, you must—we repeat must—plan a pilgrimage to the epicenter of the Star Wars universe, Sucher & Sons Star Wars Shop. Search your feelings, you know it to be true!

Sucher & Sons Star Wars Shop

We discovered it while blazing through Aberdeen, Washington on the way to the rainforestsĀ  (or Ewok Country as the owner joked).

The inventory is dizzying: 3,000+ vintage Star Wars toys and figurines, Star Wars games, Star Wars books, Star Wars legos and ships, and an entire rack of lightsabers.

Rachel’s favorite was a Hoth Tauntaun figurine that she remembered playing with as a child. Ryan’s favorite: Mr. Potato Head Star Wars characters Luke Frywalker, Spud Troopers and Yam Solo.

Sucher & Sons Mr Potato Head Star Wars Luke Frywalker

Collector’s items are stuffed everywhere and it’s impossible to soak it all up in less than a few hours. Whether you’re looking to spend $500 or $1, there’s something at every price point.

Sucher & Sons Star Wars Toy Collection

As the Yelp reviews rightly point out, this “shop” is practically a must-see museum. It’s a place you just have to explore. Sucher & Son is to Star Wars what the Little Lebowski Shop is to The Big Lebowski.

Sucher & Sons Star Wars Shop Vintage Millennium Falcon

Perhaps best of all, Sucher & Sons is a place of camaraderie. We talked with Don, the store founder and an energetic diehard fan. He showed his Carrie Fisher tattoo while standing next to a life-sized replica of Han Solo in carbonite. And, in reference to the documentary The People vs. George Lucas, Don is a firm believer that Han shot first.

Don Sucher with Han Solo, Sucher & Sons Star Wars Shop

Don accepts orders by phone, and will keep an eye out if you’re looking for something specific. The phone was ringing nonstop while we were there, so we’d recommend giving him a call!

Star Wars Up the Ying Yang!

Last and not least, the store houses a small alter dedicated to local-boy-makes-good Kurt Cobain, who grew up and lived in Aberdeen. There are a few artifacts for you to explore and you can pick up a bottle of what we call Kurt Dirt: authentic Wishkah River soil from where Kurt hung out and eventually had his ashes spread.

Sucher & Sons Star Wars Shop & Kurt Cobain Memorabilia and Info Center

Sucher & Sons Star Wars Shop is here and on Facebook.
Visit in Person: 413 E Wishkah St, Aberdeen, WA 98520
Open Noon to 5 p.m. every day.
Phone: (360) 970-7080

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