Fry Me to The Moon: Healthy French Fries or Alien Conspiracy?

Rachel was craving an old-fashioned ice cream cone just as I spied a Ben & Jerry’s scooperia.

The counter had fliers for “3 Potato 4,” a former co-tenant who had since moved down the block.

We were intrigued by the fliers’ claims of a fat-free baked french fry. Could it be? Had God heard my prayers?

We pocketed the flier and followed it to a Buzz Lightyear-themed potato purveyor in the Salem mall.

After a chat with the storekeeper, we tried the fries which were out of this world!

When we were done, we wanted another order but it was cash only and we had already contributed the last coins in our purse to splurge on extra dipping sauces: curry ketchup and chipotle mayo.

Apparently these “fries” are blanched in apple juice, then finished with some oven lovin’.

Close encounters…

Reminds me of a joke: What did the Astronaut call the space potato? An unidentified frying object!

“3 Potato 4″ is more than just a clever nameā€”the place had these kitschy 1950’s era space program posters advertising the health benefits of potatoes.

We wish them the best of luck, to infinity and beyond!

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