For your reading enjoyment, we now present…

FTC Disclosure Statement and Review Policy

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires bloggers to disclose any hidden biases or interests in their reviews and recommendations. We totally get that. We don’t like being tricked and we assume you don’t either (magic coin tricks not included).

Review Policy

  • A lot of our thoughts here are meant for laughs, but we often review restaurants, food trucks, attractions, products and lodging.
  • If we are offered something of value in exchange for a review (ie, free lunch, swag, lodging or services), we won’t necessarily give review(s). We only review stuff/places/services we genuinely like.
  • If we like something, we only write positive things about it. If we don’t like something, we’re not going to waste our time (and yours) writing about it.

FTC Disclosure

We’re gonna disclose relationships/freebies/paid ads as they occur, but we’ve also grouped a full disclosure onto this page, just to make sure we don’t miss anything:

Please assume anyone who might possibly have a financial interest in anything we review — like business owners, representatives, manufacturers, dealers, employees or agents — may have done any or all of the following:

  • Gave us products/services/lodging for free or at discounted rates
  • Gave us free stuff, like ball point pens or books
  • Gave us free food and drinks (preferrably French 75 cocktails and See’s toffees)
  • Gave us cold, hard cash (or a check, or a Paypal deposit)
  • Bought our services
  • Traded services/lodging/products for review(s)
  • Promoted or recommended us in any form like print materials, social media, websites or messenger raven
  • Paid us referral fees
  • Is a personal pal or loved one, or someone we kinda like
  • Let us sleep on the couch that one time
  • Brought the most amazing bottle of wine to dinner
  • Gave us a ride to the airport
  • Was a really nice person we accidentally met at a restaurant (total kismet!)
  • Or in any other way were sweet to us in the hopes of getting a review (whether or not we actually gave one)

Ahhhhh….the sweet sunlight of transparency feels so good. Thanks for reading our blog.