What is The Packed Life? Who are you crazy people?

Hi, we’re Rachel and Ryan. Nice to meet you!

Rachel & Ryan

For us, life has literally become a journey. Not too long ago, we were cubby-holed in our home office, barnacled to our computer chairs and feeling like dead mimes trapped in a box.

Ka-pow!  Thanks to an unexpected series of bizarre mishaps, we were suddenly galvanized to break the shackles of self-oppression (read: fear of the unknown) to travel full time.

In August 2011, we downsized from a two-bedroom apartment to a beloved Nissan Murano.

We’re extreme telecommuters, of sorts. We travel full-time, renting apartments in different cities and towns,  working by day and exploring in our free time.

Our aim is to live where locals live, eat where locals eat, and park where locals park. We try to learn as much as possible before we’re off to the next place. Our day-to-day routine still involves a lot of normal work, which we’re thankful to have. We work on our laptops (we build mobile applications for tablets & smartphones, we program websites, and we do SEO and web consulting) and we do all this exploring in our free time.

The essence of “The Packed Life?” To ensure we don’t waste our brief stints on planet Earth. 


We started this blog because we wanted to bring you with us. Let’s discover the unsung histories of the cities beneath our feet, foodie havens in offbeat neighborhoods, and everything in between. 

Who knows how long this will last? We’ve lived in 22 places and counting, and it just keeps getting better.

Ready to scrap your conventional prescribed existence? So are we.

[sound of champagne bottle breaking against blog’s mast] All Aboard!

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