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You know that well-meaning relative who’s constantly sharing “interesting” articles in the newspaper?

“In fact,” your relative proclaims, “I brought the article for you!”

Upon which you are handed a carefully folded square of newsprint that you struggle to unfold into a delicate shred of paper the shape of Florida.

Well, dear travelers, imagine that gesture happening right now! We, your Dear Unkie Ryan and Auntie Rachel, are reaching deep into our linty pockets for a crumpled piece of paper just for you. It reads:

Traveling Around the World: Articles & Info

1. Legal Nomads compiled the ultimate compendium of  Worldwide Travel Resources. We really appreciate their tome dedicated to Resources for Food Travelers.

2. Nomadic Matt has a catchy book, How to Travel the World on $50 a Day, and he’s got a vast collection of travel advice columns from finding cheap flights to dealing with cynics.

3. This WikiHow Article on How To Travel Around the World covers a lot of ground, from RTW tickets (“round-the-world”) to unconventional trips like working on an organic farm at an exotic locale.

4. This How to travel around the world for a year “report” by Alex Macaw beautifully covers the A-Z’s of travel.

5. The travelers at Uncornered Market offer 7 secrets to good traveling and it sounds like good advice. Whether they’re wading through camel poop or eating bugs in a remote village, they’re always beaming with joy.

Now, just imagine this list is printed on an unwieldy shred of paper! Print this out and hang it on your fridge for full effect.

Let us know if there’s something else we should add to this list.

Happy travels!

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