Rice to Meet You: NYC’s Boutique Rice Pudding Scene

In an ultra-hip world of tomorrow, people eat rice pudding for dessert, fuel their cars with Jell-O and burn rounded scoops of ambrosia salad to get high. You can catch a glimpse of this dystopian future in New York’s SoHo neighborhood (well…maybe just the rice pudding bit).

New York’s SoHo is filled with fancy boutiques (of both fashion and food), and Rice to Riches is there, making rice pudding trendy. 

It was going to take a lot to convince me. After all, the only time I eat rice pudding is when it’s bundled with my lunch combo at an Indian restaurant. And even then, I’m always like (in an Indiana Jones voice): “Why did it have to be rice pudding?”

But Rice to Riches had me immediately intrigued with an insane barrage of obscene signs posted in their window.

They signs say things like:

  • Dozens of Delicious Flavors and 3 Shitty Ones!
  • Stressed Spelled Backward Spells Dessert
  • No Skinny Bitches
  • and…

But the real proof was in the pudding…

Flavors ranged from Sex, Drugs and Rock and Road to Hazelnut Chocolate Bear Hug and the rather fun-to-say I Gotta Panna Cotta.

And best of all, FREE SAMPLES! (at least until the ricearista (“rice-arista”) assumes a  slight tone—or worse—lets out a long passive aggressive sigh).

I’m sure you’re wondering about toppings at this point. They call them Jesus Droppings. But at $1.00 per dropping, they had me asking “How much for just a fart’s worth?”

The boutique experience wouldn’t be complete without expensive, chic packaging…or in this case…a green flying saucer with matching ladle.

I can’t wait to see their all-rice pudding Off-Off-Off-Off-Off Broadway show, especially after reading the reviews…

Ok so maybe that’s just another kooky in-store sign…but I bet the people who work here really appreciate this Help Wanted sign:

Despite my skepticism, we really loved the pudding and we had fun rubbing elbows with other devoted risciples (“rice-sciples” ) (or ricianoados (“rice-ianados”) if your prefer) and their signage. Rice to Riches‘ rice pudding is unusually rich, fresh, sweet and smooth—not your grandmother’s pudding, and well worth the visit. Yum!

If you need to jump on this craze and Rice to Riches isn’t in your town yet, never fear: They deliver!

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