Tito’s Tacos

Tito’s Tacos is a 1959 Los Angeles landmark. Its sunflower yellow cheese and braised beef tacos are last meal-worthy.

They also have the most amazing salsa, which is unmatchable. Though there are many theories floating around on the recipe (from adding those pickled carrots/jalapenos to my own misguided experiments with cucumbers).

The closest I’ve ever gotten was from combining Campbell’s Tomato Juice to tomatoes, onions and jalapeno in a food processor.

Tito’s is an institution. It’s also a human experience: their daily long lines are the great equalizer for the full spectrum of people that populate it all hours of the day and night.

There’s a line outside too. That’s how you can find the place for the first time.

You never know who you’ll run into at Tito’s and I always love a story that starts, “I hadn’t seen him in 40 years, but I ran into him a few weeks ago at Tito’s.”

It’s not uncommon for someone to order tacos in the dozens or even the hundreds, but…

Tito’s can handle it.

It all starts with your “Taco Lady” who takes your order and coordinates with the back of the house.

She assembles your order behind bulletproof sneeze glass.

Is that 1960’s brutalist German architecture? No, it’s the most efficient taco carrying case known to man: the cardboard box.

Here’s a typical Tito’s order. P.S. I love the Smokey eye!

Rachel and I don’t always agree…

But we both love Tito’s Tacos!

Tito’s, you never disappoint. Even your TV commercial is always a welcomed interruption.

Now, all I have left to do is have a falling out with someone—just so, 40 years from now, we can reconnect in line at Tito’s.


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