As Seen in Kansas Part 4: The Dead Mall

Everybody loves a dead mall—especially me!

In societal terms, the mall replaced Main Street.

Malls supplanted our humanity. and for this, they deserve to die .

Malls have burrowed their way into our hearts through popular culture lampoons like David Byrne’s True Stories, Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, The Simpsons episode where Homer weeps openly about missing a Mr.T appearance at the mall and the documentary website where the Hutchinson, Kansas Mall gets a major nod.

I ‘stay-cationed’ at the Hutchinson Mall to see what I could see.

But where to park, where to park?

Salvation Army Employee asking for contributions. Check.

Brutalist construction materials: grey brick and glass cubes? Check.

Imposing Evil Intergalactic Emprie-Inspired Logo a la 1976? Check.

Hey Lady, can I interest you in an an interior storefront security gate?

Dead Mall Santa sure looks lonely…

The Sharp N’ Shiny is one of the liveliest stores in the mall and is the only place to load up on rapiers and your favorite military branch’s emblazoned Snuggie.

Who knows how long this wad of paper has been sitting here — or for how long it will stay.

Is this artwork to show how the pulse of the mall is still going strong or is it simply a closed-down nurse’s clothing outlet?

Alright, alright, so I felt bad for the guy…



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