As Seen in Kansas Part 3: Squirrel Feeders

The couch in the Potucek household doesn’t face the TV.

Instead, the living room furniture is focused towards a mighty oak tree belted with a squirrel feeder.

The concept behind the squirrel feeder is simple one:

Figure 1

  1. Go to your local feed store or market for a bag of dried corn (80lbs for a dollar)
  2. Place dried corn on ‘Table-for-One” squirrel feeder
  3. Invite relatives over
  4. Wait for the squirrel to appear and start nibbling the corn (faster than you can say “squirrels sitting on Snow White’s shoulder”)

Squirrel watching is a major pastime and topic of discussion here in the house. “Did you see the squirrel?” and “Any squirrel action today?” are common refrains heard in these parts.

Lately, I’ve been documenting the comings-and-goings of the squirrels and am glad to bring you this important coverage.

What’s up, Doc?

Don’t Shoot!

I wonder how many I can fit in my mouth at the same time?

I don’t care what they say about GMO corn — it’s frickin’ delicious!

I know what my poop is gonna look like tomorrow!

And when the squirrel feeder is empty…

Watching the watchers…

Now, I’d never seen a squirrel feeder before coming to Kansas, but have since spied them at several of the Potucek family residences.

I was recently shocked when we discovered a  “Table-for-Two” squirrel feeder at one of my own relative’s houses.

Some say coincidence, but I think it’s just more proof we were meant to be together.


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