We Invented a New Dessert…Help Us Name It

We were trying for fried ice cream, which we’d become familiar with at the sub-par Mexican chain restaurants of our childhoods.

I never thought they actually fried the ice cream. I thought they rolled a ball of ice cream around in cereal, nuts and cinnamon to give us that crusty outer shell.

We reinterpreted the dish with super-hard coconut ice cream cut into discs and coated with “old man” cereal…the kind with 6+ grams of colon-blowing fiber per serving.

The result: coconut ice cream branflake frisbees with raspberries and cinnamon. A new dessert species of the genus coconutus and phylum omygoodness.

I didn’t know whether to eat it or wear it to a Shriners meeting.

We ate it anyway, with zest, and it was pretty darn delicious.

But what would you call it?

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